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To provide customers with a professional, comprehensive, quality reliable, stable performance, reliable purchase channel of end-of -line packaging equipment, and provide technical support and packaging solutions, reduce customer acquisition cost, risk and cost of equipment quality;

Turntable Stretch Film Wrapper

MS206-Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper

MS206P-Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper With Top Plate

MS203 Reel Wrapper

MS303 Fully-Auto Turntable Wrapping Machine

MS303+MT107 Fully Auto Turntable Pallet wrapper & Top Sheet Dispenser

Rotary Stretch Film Wrapper

MS402 Fully Auto Rotary Wrapper


Orbital Wrapper

MS201 Auto Orbital Wrapper

MA208 Tape Wrapper

 Pallet Handling

MT107 Top Sheet Dispenser

MD102 Pallet Dispenser

MI202 Index Turntable