What are the characteristics of pallet stretch wrapping machine?

What are the characteristics of stretch film wrapping machine?

MQSPAC company’s departments of  stretch wrapping machine engineers focused on film wrap equipment design and manufacture of film has more than 10 years of experience, especially in the non-standard-type pallet wrapper, with other people’s unparalleled advantages;

Our company is located in Shiyan Street, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. Welcome to visit the factory, learning, and cooperation;

MQSPAC company’s semi-auto pallet wrap machine chassis parts are from China’s leading suppliers: Harbin-bearings, Ziqiang-chain, sprocket through the quenching process, thus ensuring the lowest failure rate of spare parts, but also improve the durability of equipment,ensure customer profits;

MQSPAC semi-auto stretch pallet wrapper would been tested by the load in the pre-shipment to solve the hidden dangers, to the hands of customers a high-quality equipment;don’t worry about after-sales fee;

MQSPAC semi-auto stretch wrapping machine currently load bearing structure is divided into two, one is through the bearing& imported nylon wheel design, loading 1.5 tons to 2 tons;

The second is through the design of gear bearings, according to customer requirements custom load bearing, the maximum weight can reach 4 tons;

If the customer goods weight more than 2 tons, because the price and non-professional supplier reasons to choose the first load bearing structure design of the wrapping machine,

It will leads to customers in the use of stretch film machine, the bearing burst,  need for frequent replacement, or even need to re-purchase equipment, an increase of the user’s after-sales costs, procurement costs, affecting corporate image,

Therefore, in the purchase of pallet wrapper,  it is very important for the buyer to select a professional supplier;

Not only from the price level to decide whether to cooperate or not, but need to take into account the deep level problems of this equipment :can reduce their own after-sales problems, customer satisfaction, their profit margins, and have more time and customers deep-level cooperation;

above are the reasons why the wrapping machine should consider the pallet weight before purchase;

If you are interested in our pallet wrap, please contact us: service@mqspac.com, mqspac company will look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

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