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MVS-302 Side Sealed Pallet Strapping Machine – Vertical Strapping with Mobile Lance

Pallet strapping machine to secure package loading on the pallet by vertical PP band or PET strapping, with mobile lance and index head which can be intergated as in-line strapping system. to be applied in bottle & can industry, Food & beverage, timber, wooden board, metal service, paper, furniture, corrugated and construction industries.

*Commercial PLC control
*Index sealing head with 250 mm stroke
*Vertical strapping with movable track
*Short feeding system
*Handshake interlock.
*Empty strap sensor.
*Stack light
*For PP & PET strapping

MHS-302 Pallet Strapper – Horizontal Strapping

horizontal pallet strapping system, which may secure the loading on pallets to avoid it falling off! index saling head which have 250mm in strock. strap guiding system to enable the precise strapping position on pallet high.

*Commercial PLC control
*Index sealing head with 250 mm stroke.

*Horizontal strapping on various height.

*Arch safety device

*For PP & PET strapping