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MPS-50 Case Side Sealer is one machine equipped with international famous components, is a machine featuring a up and down belts driven ,carton side covers sealing function, to meet the request of carton side covers sealing occasions ,especially suitable for heavy products like floor brick packing.

Item  Parameters
Model MPS-50
Packing speed 0-20m/min
Max.Carton size L∞×W500×H450mm
Min.Carton size L150×W250×H90mm
Power supply 110V/220/380V 50Hz/60Hz
Power 240W
Adhesive tape width W48mm/60mm/75mm
Machine size L860×W930×H1250
Machine weight 160kg

MPS-50 Case Side sealer Testing

1 Manually adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons;

2 Top and bottom belts driven, carton sides sealing

3 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter

4 Both steel and stainless steel types

5 This carton sealer is Suit for cartons with side covers

Our Advantages


Side sealing machine for a specific model, use BOPP adhesive tape for the sealing material;

The top and bottom four belts driven  carton, while the side of the carton to “one” type sealing;

Better suitable  for a specific carton such as: shoebox, single-sided open or four sides to open the lid, such as horizontal carton or foam box;

Table height, height of carton width, adhesive tape seat can be manually adjusted, simple and practical;

Equipped with blade guard to avoid accidental stab wounds;

Fuselage comes with four high-strength brake wheel, movement is very convenient.