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MPK-40 is a case forming and bottom sealing packing machine which control by PLC and operate from HIMI system. Machine can do 12/18/25/45 carton forming and tapping in every min. very efficiency and convenient. Carton board can be loaded without stopping the machine.

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Item  Parameters
Model MPK-40H12
Packing speed 12 ctns/min
Qty supply 1000pcs(1000mm)
Max.Carton size L:450 W:400 H:400mm
Min.Carton size L:250 W:150H:100mm(Minimal size can not appear at the same time)
Power supply 110V/220V 1ф 50/60Hz 200W
Air compressing 6kg/cm³
Adhesive tape width W48mm/60mm/75mm
Machine size L2000×W1900×H1450mm
Machine weight 600kg

MPK-40H12 Case erector testing

1. Vertical storage cardboard, and can be added at any time carton board, without downtime;2.heart up and down   interchangeable ; erector structure design: once complete carton suction box, out of the box, forming, folding, sealing and other packaging processes;

3. Case erector stable performance, reliable quality, applicability, packaging efficiency, long service life;

4.Precision and durable mechanical performance structural design, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation.

Our Advantages

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It is a kind of automatic packing machine about carton box, such as erection, bottom  seals bottom covers of cartons clean and tide for next production process and so on. It has compact design and small floor space.

The machine adopts PLC + HMI touch screen control, folding bottom does not stay, In the process of delivery automatic completion of the end of folding, the back cover; At the same time to complete the suction box, forming, folding, sealing the whole process;Easy to operate, simple maintenance, stable performance ,is an essential component in the end of automated packaging line;

Case erector is mainly composed of upper box mechanism, main frame, vacuum suction box, main drive, box board lifting mechanism, rocker arm box mechanism, opening box mechanism, height adjusting mechanism, short edge folding mechanism of carton, Integral mechanism, pusher fork, carton rail, compaction ram and hot melt adhesive system, pneumatic control system, electrical control system and other components.

This case erector(MPK-40)  is the most commonly used standard models, out of the box capacity is 12 ctns / min,Widely used in small and medium enterprises. If you need more high speed , you can choose MPK40H18 type , out of the box capacity of 18 ctns/ min or 25ctns/min or 45 ctns/min.