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Customer visit our case machine factory

For packaging machine industry, we prefer the customer come to factory to watch out of the wrapping machine and carton box sealing machine: First,let the customer know that we really do this machine, professional,focus and protect customer interests; Second,for clients to see our strength and size,ability to solve customer problems quickly and solve all problems [...]


Classification of stretch wrapping machine

First, according to the wrapping machine on the stretch film of different ways, can be divided into "pre-stretch" type and "non pre-stretch" : Pre-stretch wrapping Machine:through pre stretch film frame, will wrap film according to predefined "draw ratio"  stretch wrap around on the pallet; Its advantage is uniform tensile, packaging beautiful, strong adaptability, (ultra light, [...]


[Someone @ you] Semi-auto wrapping machine fool-style installation method, are you understand it?

Wrapping machine after purchase if factory didn't installed  door to door, you need install youself, but our wrapping machine have one install advantage: we adopt is a fool type installation, simple and convenient installation, the operation more easily, and today, as a manufacturer, we can simply introduce : (1)After stretch wrapper arrived at the scene, [...]


Problems to be aware of when purchasing film wrapping machines

Each country uses different voltage, power, and product characteristics, so users need to pay attention to the following when purchasing the film wrapping machine from other countries: 1: to provide the voltage or region of the country to use the voltage to ensure that electrical components meet local voltage requirements, or easily lead to burned [...]


What is the semi-auto top – pressure stretch film machine

Automatic top-loading machine is an automatic film-wrapping machine, which is equipped with an additional pressing mechanism. It is mainly used for lighter or palletizing unstable pallet wrapping, which can prevent the packing This equipment is particularly suitable for empty cans, printing, food, electronics, electrical appliances, such as cotton spinning industry; the use of thin film, [...]


How importance of safety Film door in wrapping Machine

A security-based automatic film machine to give the user the confidence to buy the use. In the automatic film machine, the film frame is moving parts, in international regulations must be marked with bright colors, alert operators, so as not to be hurt; thus the safety of the film frame design, but also to give [...]


What are the characteristics of pallet stretch wrapping machine?

What are the characteristics of stretch film wrapping machine? MQSPAC company's departments of  stretch wrapping machine engineers focused on film wrap equipment design and manufacture of film has more than 10 years of experience, especially in the non-standard-type pallet wrapper, with other people's unparalleled advantages; Our company is located in Shiyan Street, Shenzhen City, Guangdong [...]